The Journal 6

The Journal 6: The Journal: Write, Organize, Remember, Find Journal has no "agenda"--except to be as useful as possible. Use any journaling style you want, or none at all. It`s completely up to you! * The Journal Newsletter! Sent out monthly, The Journal Newsletter provides tips for using The Journal, articles about journaling and writing, writing exercises, and more. DavidRM Software`s The Journal makes it easy to keep a daily journal, for both personal and professional use. Whether you want to record your

LifeJournal 3.00.00: Complete journal software provides a simple and secure place for your writings
LifeJournal 3.00.00

LifeJournal is the complete online journal software. Password-protected and encrypted, this diary journal keeps your journaling organized, searchable, and inspiring with writing prompts and quotations. Journal experts offer info on how to journal. Easy-to-learn, this journal program lets you track life patterns; create a timeline to write an autobiography; easily search for entries; offers journal ideas; insert images and links, and print journal

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All-in-One Journal 4.1.1: A full featured Journal with Audio & Video Support.
All-in-One Journal 4.1.1

Journal. The All-in-one Journal is the most advanced Journal or Diary Software on the market today. It`s a full-featured text Journal with the additional abilities to add voice recordings, MP3s, Videos or even Home Movies to your entries. Now you can record and playback your Journal entries in Audio too. It`s great for personalizing your entries, recording your children or grandchildren, leaving messages, reminders and more. You can even add an MP3

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Simply Journal 1.3: Easily search, print, date & time stamp, password protect, & even browse entries
Simply Journal 1.3

Journal to keep track of notes on anything. Class notes, prayer journal, dream journal, or food diary. Simply Journal has all the things you like about your paper journal or diary and adds to it a few powerful features that really make the difference. Plus, use it for as many things as you want. Just create a new book and you are off and running. The possibilities are endless. This is not just simple daily journal software, it is powerful personal

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Xtreme Journal System 2.1.4: Record text, audio, video, etc. and include entries, places, people, etc.
Xtreme Journal System 2.1.4

journal easily. You can easily enter text, images, video, audio, handwrite, and scan documents. Your online blog and other journal programs don`t provide you with all those options. Create journal items like entries, people, places, stories and attachments and connect them all together and record the story of your life. Any file can be added to the journal and connected to a journal item. XJS is the first journaling software that connects journal

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Forever Journal 1.0: Forever Journal is multi-faceted journaling software that is secure and password
Forever Journal 1.0

Forever Journal is secure Journal writing software for your PC!. It also looks like a real paper journal! But, unlike a paper journal which can be found and read, this system protects your writings with powerful encryption technology. You can choose your paper color, ink color, and other fun settings! Create multiple journals for different writings, each can have it`s own settings, icon, and even the titles of your journals are encrypted!

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Event Log Manager

journals System and Security. Event Log Manager allows: To create new journals (as Application). And really creates a journal, instead of representation Application. To redistribute sources of events between journals. To delete journals (except for Application), which the sources of events are not nominated by. Typical use of the program is a creation of a new journal and carry to him of a source of events from a journal Application. it conveniently

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